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About Us

Venture Outdoors® is an innovative developer and manufacturer of flotation products based out of Brigham City, Utah. Our patented DuraPro® series of pontoon boats are river-rated and have our unique one-piece rotationally-molded DuraBladder flotation system. Our patented VOModular® series of rigid pontoon pontoon boats are for flat water use and are designed to be as rugged as a kayak, but configured to provide the best seating position and ergonomics for fishing. Pontoon boats and accessories from Venture Outdoors® come in a wide variety of styles and colors for all levels and types of fishermen and small boat enthusiasts.

Venture Outdoors® products are currently available through Wayfair, The Sportsman's Guide, Direct Boats, Gander Mountain and Walmart. Please mention our products to your local retailer to bring them directly to a store near you.

New for 2016 - check out video of Remote Boat

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